Hello Matt,
Just thought we would thank-you for a job well done.  The builder was found guilty of all nine allegations and given the maximum financial penalty and ordered to undergo a building re-education course.  This opens the way for us  to attempt to pursue him in a civil action for the recovery of monies.  He boasted to the Building Practitioners Board, that when he went to VCAT he only had to pay $10,000 out of the amount we claimed (approx. $400k), and when asked about his current financial position, he said he was flush, plenty of money in the bank, three properties and two late model cars.  Hopefully under F.O.I. we can get all the reports that were presented to the Building Practitioners Board.
Again thank-you for your help and your professionalism, you have certainly made a tough job that much easier and has vindicated our position.
Robert and Jan