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Factual Investigations

A factual investigation is an independent investigation into the gathering of written or other physical evidence, together with recording of oral evidence (legally obtained), locating of possibly reluctant witnesses and generally being for legal purposes.  VSI has almost 20 years experience in factual investigations, and for both law enforcement and private purposes.  We are experts in obtaining precise, detailed statements, locating evidence that may have been overlooked, and ultimately conducting in-depth interviews, for all purposes, in almost all jurisdictions.

Have you had an accident?  Been charged by the Police because you couldn't prove otherwise?  Maybe we can help with identifying and locating witnesses to prove your side of things...  maybe that witness had a dash cam?  Remember, civil proceedings only need to reach a 'balance of probability', not 'beyond reasonable doubt'.  We might be able to find that person that tips the balance...
Our investigators may be able to track down that witness, obtain a statement, then present copies of the statement to you for production at court or any other jurisdiction.


We have almost 20 years of experience carrying out surveillance, so it goes without saying that our surveillance operations will be professionally co-ordinated, use state-of-the art covert equipment, and use only lawful practices, providing you with useable legal proof of the subjects activities..

Unlike other investigation companies, we won't tell you that we can obtain information that cannot legally be obtained, and please remember... companies offering information that seems too good to be true are often carrying out work illegally, or will fail to deliver the results they promise.

We specialise in workplace and private investigations & surveillance.  It is astounding the lengths people will go to to make fraudulent worker’s compensation or other claims.  We provide our services to a number of repeat clients in order to validate legitimate claims, determine parties at fault, and reduce financial loss as a result of fraudulent claims.  

At VSI, our services include the provision of solid documentation and supporting testimony, by way of time and date stamped, legally admissible, video and photographic evidence, backed up by professionally taken statements, suitable for court presentation.

Process & Document Serving

Process Serving, or the service of documents, is the procedure employed to give legal notice or other documents to another person, usually a defendant or ex-partner, of a court or administrative body's exercise of its jurisdiction over that person, to ensure that person responds to proceedings before a court, body or other tribunal.  Usually, this is performed by personally delivering a set of documents to the person to be served.

Each jurisdiction has rules regarding the means of service of process. Typically, a summons and related documents must be served upon the defendant personally, or in some cases, upon another person of suitable age (generally over 16 years old) who resides with the subject.
Proper service of process initially establishes personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served.  If the subject ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

Do you need help locating missing persons in Australia?  VSI is adept at locating hard to find individuals, including debtors, witnesses, missing family members, and will & probate benificiaries.  VSI not only has access to networks not available to the normal person, but has contacts with other state-wide investigators and access to national public databases, proprietary data and search processes to assist in locating missing persons Australia-wide.

In saying that, sometimes you just need a professional to go and knock on a few doors...  That's where we come in; we'll go and knock on those doors for you, ask around, and generally go that extra little bit to get the desired results.

Workplace Time Theft/Fraud/Theft

Problems at work with things going missing?  Employees starting late, knocking off early, or not getting the results they used to?    It could all be innocent enough, but how do you get the proof to ask the hard questions of your staff?

We work on a case-by-case basis to get that evidence for you, especially if that means speaking to other staff, suppliers or other persons of interest on your behalf...

We have extensive experience after 15 years with the Victoria Police Force and 4 years in other Government and public sectors, with all manner of interviewing techniques, and if the information can legally be obtained, we will get it for you...

In one of our recent jobs for a NZ and Australian company, we obtained footage of the subject spending over a third of his time either at the gym or on the golf course, while he was supposed to be working.  Needless to say, his position wasn't that secure after that...  That is what we can do for you!

Background Checks and Due Diligence

Looking for new staff?  Have you considered a background check to ensure you are hiring the right person?  We can carry out background checks to give you peace of mind, and can also carry out previous employment and qualification checks.  

Back to the old dating scene after being out of it for a while?  We can carry out social media checks for you, and while we're there can carry out bankruptcy or other checks... just in case!

Are you about to enter into a business venture with someone new?  Would it pay to carry out some due diligence checks on your soon-to-be business partner first to see if they have 'gone under' before?  We can help with that too...  

We have access to a number of reporting agencies and databases not available to the general public, which may shed some light on a problem before it even arises...

Marital Infidelity

Is your partner coming home late, or are they being defensive, aggressive, or guarding their mobile phone?  Have they changed phone pin numbers, started doing things out of their normal routine?  If so, you need Vic State Investigations.  We are highly trained and qualified professionals that can confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind that everything is actually ok.

VSI can carry out surveillance for you to follow where your partner goes, and then give you photographic, video or written evidence to back up our observations.  Maybe they're not cheating at all, but are taking dance lessons that they were ashamed to tell you about?  If that's the case, we can provide you with peace of mind, so it doesn't play on your mind over and over again.  In our experience, there is nothing worse than not knowing, so with us, you'll know one way or the other so you can then move forward...

Family Matters

Are you in the middle of a nasty divorce or bitter child custody/support proceedings?  Do you need evidence to confirm that your ex-partner's activities, or that of their new partner, is doing things either morally or legally wrong, and which could be that integral piece of evidence to support your fight for child custody?

It's not a nice position to be in, but the best position is still the one that can PROVE someone else's wrongdoing.  We can help.  We can obtain that crucial video or photographic footage for you, all time and date stamped, with witness statements if necessary, for production at your next Court hearing.